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The Filler Arc III #16 – A Bee’s Wrath

So the goes like this: I woke up a minute before my alarm clock rings. I’ve been doing that often for no apparent reason. I wondered if I should bother going into work today since yesterday I stayed home without calling in or anything because they’d most likely just send me home for the day. I said fuck it though so I took a quick shower after some internet browsing and got dressed.

Went to work and did what little preparation there was to be done in order to get the trucks and flatbeds ready to leave for job sites. Much to my surprise I was actually told to help someone for the day. They must’ve felt pity for me since last week I worked a total of 5 hours tops. So my uncle Lu and I went to get breakfast on the way to our work site which is about 50 miles away from the shop. Long drive to say the least. View full article »


Dan – WINter Contingency

Get outta here, September. Finally starting to feel like autumn around here. About time!

Lots of ground to cover on this post, but as usual, I’m gonna start off with the work segment. We’re currently in the middle of remodeling the department. The coolest part of the remodel is that now we have a gaming display near the registers. There’s two TVs, one with a 360 and one with a PS3. At the 360, one or two people can play Halo: Reach. On the PS3, you can sample the Move and… Whatever the sports game is that comes with it.

The town I work in is chock full of casuals, so I expected the Move display to be at least somewhat popular. Nope. Nobody gives a flying fuck about it. Reach, on the other hand, almost always has at least one person at it and usually another person or two watching/waiting in line. People take one look at the Move and dismiss it for what it is: A pitiful Wii knockoff. Of course, I wouldn’t call it that without a valid reason. I actually tried the Move myself. “Sure, it’s painfully unoriginal, but maybe the motion tracking tech will impress me”, I thought. Wrong. The original Wii Sports still looks like a technological marvel compared to this crap. The Move is going to crash and burn, and I’m going to be rocking this face the whole time. Nintendo won the motion control game four years ago, Sony. Deal with it. View full article »

Reviewtiful – Metroid: Other M

Adam has not authorized this review.

First review in a while, and on the highly-controversial Metroid: Other M to boot. Other M hardly needs an introduction, but what else am I supposed to do with all of this space?

Other M is the lovechild of one of the most bizarre and unexpected partnerships in gaming history: Nintendo x Team Ninja. Nintendo, known for their bubbly, child-friendly games and storied franchises and Team Ninja known for balls-to-the-wall Ninja Gaiden games and a very deep appreciation of the female form (NSFW). Depending on who you asked, that combination was a recipe for either great success or soul-crushing failure. Now that the game is out, opinions still seem just as split.

Let’s add one more to the mix, shall we? View full article »

I stood there knee deep in the bodies of my enemies. Their blood smeared on my face as if I took a blood bath that would have intimidated the devil himself. At that time I knew what I had to do. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to play some vidya.

So it’s been more than a month since my last BtP post so I guess I have more to talk about this time.
Driller job got a lot slower this month. Before I was raking in 400 bucks a week but now since there isn’t much work I get sent home after 2 or 3 hours of being there so I bring home like $150 but that’s all good to me. Get dough for show then play the rest of the day. Fuck yeah.
My James Bond job aka waiter job has its highs and lows. Highs is two work days a week on the weekends and lows is no days. We’ve got two weeks of no work so that means I get to experience weekends again and it starts on Labor Day weekend so three days off, yeaaahhhh. View full article »

Dan – Timed Hits

Whoops. Been about a month since my last post. Doesn’t seem like it was that long ago… Where’d July go?

Got an amusing work tale for once instead of a rage one. You’d be surprised at how many people think Walmart Electronics is some kind of free, 24-hour tech support line. Seriously, out of all of our phone calls, I’d say 3/5 are questions about stock/pricing and the other 2/5 are “MY COMPUTER GOT VIRUSES HOW DO I FIX IT”.

Anyway, this guy calls and says that he bought a Blu-ray player from us and that it “broke his TV.” I’m like, “There’s got to be a connection problem somewhere. It couldn’t possibly ‘break your TV’.” He swears that his TV “stopped working” as soon as he hooked the Blu-ray player up to it. I spend about half an hour listening to this guy ramble on about his problem before he gives me time to start asking him questions. I asked for specific details on his setup. He says he “hooked it up with the HDMI cable.” I asked him to be more specific. “Well, there’s HDMI ports on my TV, right?” “Right.” “There’s HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.” “Okay.” “I put one end into HDMI 1 and the other end into HDMI 2.”

Facepalm of apocalyptic proportions. View full article »



I come to to find a foe worthy of my glory. So far there have been many challengers, some of which held power devastating by your world’s standards. However, none of them have been able to counter my Shining Crasher! Not a single one! Is this planet of yours so barren of worthy foes that I must leave with a yawn instead of an approving nod!? I scoff at the idea. Surely there are still many more powerful foes ahead! Even the planet of Ninkledork had one powerful foe, even if he used machines! For he was using the power of his genius mind to construct such a device. That was a great battle indeed. But enough talk! Today I am here to rest, and speak of the things I have done in the time where I was not searching for powerful foes. Time to kick back and chat about the things I love: video games and anime. Oh yes, even Legendary Heroes can like such things. And like them I do! Seeing as this is but a casual blog,  I guess I too will speak more casually “up in this mother fucker” (as you humans say).

Now GAEMS and ANIME. Let’s rock this party to the moon.

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Fuck yes, finally got a new job. As the title implies I’m a digger as this well drilling company where my uncle works at. Work hours are usually 7AM to 3PM but varies depending on the work your given and from Monday through Friday. Finished my first week of work and it was both tough and easy.

Certain days I was giving back breaking tasks to help the other guys around and others I was giving easy and shit tasks that had us waiting for a couple of hours doing nothing but sitting. I’ve bonded with most of the guys and they’re pretty great people. Got the usual hard ass boss but even he can be pretty cool. Work schedule has be turning a 180 though. I use to go to bed from 5 in the morning, waking up around 3 in the afternoon. Now I gotta wake up a 6AM and if I get home I usually wanna lay flat down dead on my bed. Too bad though, I hit the shower after some internet browsing since I’m usually dirty and sweaty as hell but for the pay and the amount I’m making a week it’ll be worth it.

I’ve still got my waiter job but only do nights and weekends. So badass driller during the day and James Bond gentleman at night. Just who am I? View full article »

Dan – Sweet

Still nothing particularly whine-worthy going on at work lately, so let’s delve right into the good stuff. I picked up the original Gears of War on a whim and co-oped through it with Arc on Insanity. Neither of us had the Insanity achievements (I actually didn’t even have the Hardcore achievements, since my first and only other run was on Casual Shameful.) and it’d be a Complete for both of our backlogs, so why not? It went far more smoothly than I’d expected. I’m admittedly not all that great at Gears, so I was expecting the worst. There were a few bullshit encounters, but overall it wasn’t so bad. Wish I had a dime for every time I heard, “MARCUS, DOM IS DOWN!”, though.

I’ve already picked up Gears 2, as well. Going to give it the same treatment as soon as Arc’s done with Dead Space. Speaking of Dead Space, I’ve gotta get around to playing that myself. Arc seems to be creaming himself in pleasure (and/or terror) every time he plays it, so I’m looking forward to it.  Holding off on it until I’ve made some headway into Red Dead Redemption, though. View full article »

Dan – Busy Dizzy Lazy

I’ll forgo my usual multiple-paragraph work rant and just say this: Why the fuck can’t anybody activate/put time on their own goddamn prepaid cell phones? Seriously. It’s not that hard.

Now, onto more pleasant topics. Been pretty busy as of late. Lots of progress on both games and anime, including my first Master Runs since February (Resident Evil 5 Clean Professional). Yesterday I took a trip with two of my bros to rent a tux since one of them’s getting married tomorrow (Or today. Whatever. The 26th.). I’m pretty sure I mentioned this at some point on BtP or maybe Twitter, but the shop I had to get my tux from is about an hour south of here. There’s a big two-story mall a few blocks away and inside is this Japanese import store. It’s a pretty cool place, putting aside the fact that 80% of their merchandise is from Bleach and Naruto. Hidden amongst the bleh are some pretty cool items. They had some tiny figurines I was interested in (a few anime-related ones, but mostly just adorable Koopa Troopas and the like), but I passed on those since I don’t really have anywhere to put them. I didn’t come home empty handed, though. When I first visited this place a few months ago, I got two posters. This time I brought home three more and a sleeping Pikachu plush for about $26. Not bad at all. If you’re looking for a quick self-esteem boost, click here! View full article »

This blog is looking livelier than it’s been the past couple of months. Linko and Chris posting all of a sudden is already shock enough but I don’t expect that to be the case much longer. No reason on getting my hopes up with EMPTY PROMISES AND LIES.

So life…the great mystery and my not so lack of one. Been pretty active socially now. Chilling after work with co-work bros instead of just heading home when I’m done with my shift. Been hitting up some parties too an d drinking it up a bit but not enough to be considered tipsy. Worked pretty hard last week compared to the usual but this week is completely empty. No clue what I’m gonna do for a time sink even considering animu and vidya.

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