So the goes like this: I woke up a minute before my alarm clock rings. I’ve been doing that often for no apparent reason. I wondered if I should bother going into work today since yesterday I stayed home without calling in or anything because they’d most likely just send me home for the day. I said fuck it though so I took a quick shower after some internet browsing and got dressed.

Went to work and did what little preparation there was to be done in order to get the trucks and flatbeds ready to leave for job sites. Much to my surprise I was actually told to help someone for the day. They must’ve felt pity for me since last week I worked a total of 5 hours tops. So my uncle Lu and I went to get breakfast on the way to our work site which is about 50 miles away from the shop. Long drive to say the least.

As we get there, all is well. It begins to drizzle and there was a cold breeze that gave me chills since I only had a t-shirt on to cover my chest. After a couple of hours of digging I decided to get myself a drink. I open up my Arizona Green Tea and took a sip before I was called back to work. After about 30 mins I went back to finish my drink off. As I’m walking I get close to the bottom of the can when I suddenly feel something wrong with my drink. Something was crawling inside my mouth so I spit it out and as I look down there is a bee crawling around the floor. I felt slight pain on my upper gum. I was pretty annoyed and then I just got pissed but I tried to ignore it.

As time went on I returned to work and helped out. Lu, who was in charge at the time told me to go back inside the house and put away the jackhammer I was using.  I went inside the basement I saw 3 men from an electrical company working there. They had a burner lit to weld some pipes together. As  I tried to put the jackhammer into the box my face suddenly felt hot. I could feel massive pulses coming from it and my ears were beginning to ring. I was too worried and too concentrated on what I was feeling than what I had to get done. I panicked and started feeling touching my face and could tell how swollen it was.

I went outside to find a mirror. My face looked like a red airhead from one of those candy bars. My eyes watery and barely open, my ears were so sensitive up to the point where any noise would’ve given me a headache and my hands began to bulge. I ran outside to tell my uncle and Lu but they could tell from my face that I wasn’t joking. I laid down for a bit trying to relax but things just got worse. My face felt fatter by the minute and I began to feel sharp pains in my chest whenever I tried to breath. Usually I’d just take things like a man and keep going but when my breathing became disrupted that’s when I got worried. I told Lu that I wanted to go to a hospital before anything else got worse. Me and my uncle went to the nearest hospital which wasn’t that far, just around the corner.

He gave me his cell phone because I didn’t have mine and dropped me off as he returned to the working site. I walk into the emergency room to see a nurse walk toward me before I could even make a step inside the lobby. She asks what’s wrong and I tell her I was stung by a bee. She takes me to a room and lays me down on the bed. I’m in a daze, not knowing what to do, just there looking for help and mercy. I go through a ravage amount of health related and personal questions as I’m being prepared for treatment. They stick an IV in me with steroids give me some benedrill. I lie down as they tell me that I’ll have to stay there for awhile in order for the drugs to work.

Sleep wasn’t a problem for me since I had about 4 hours and 30 mins worth the previous night plus with the benedrill they gave me it’ll just make it easier but that wasn’t the case. I faded in and out of sleep, waking up to cries, laughter and shouting in what I thought were hours passing by. You’d think I’d be mad about the noise but it was actually the opposite. Waking up was a reminder that I was still alive and breathing well. The sharp pains rose back and forth not knowing when to stop or go. After more sleep it died down. My face was partially back to normal with the exception of my eyes and nose which were still swollen. They release me with a prescription for steroids. I gave my thanks and I was on my way outside to call my dad in order to pick me up and get away from this ordeal and all this because of one single bee.

Fucking. Bees.
And the worst part about it is I’m not even allergic to them.


So enough persona life. How about some animu?

It’s true when they say all good things must come to an end. K-On S2 is no exception. Sure there’s a movie on the way but no more K-On Tuesdays. ;_;
This season has been a pinnacle of artwork, animation and budget. There were no quality moments save for one with Ritsu(again) and that’s about it. Every episode left me with a little something from each girl inside the show. I’ve gotta say I’ll be missing it. It’s a straight 10/10 from me.

So I’ve finally watched the long awaited Unlimited Blade Works. I’m familiar with the Fate/Stay Night universe and have some crucial knowledge from watching the TV anime adaption. UTW is a movie that follows the Rin path from the original visual novel. It isn’t considered canon to my knowledge but the movie was produced to rake in some cash and to give the fans a little something although most of those you played the VN said that DEEN fucked up once again.

Personally I enjoyed it a lot. The animation and artwork were top notch with some scenes having a small amount of bad artwork. Music was good and the plot was decent but very rushed. Anyone who hasn’t watched the anime or played the VN wouldn’t know what’s up or down in the story. I’d just recommend it to anyone who already have some experience with the Fate universe. I give it a 8/10.

Guess I’ll start off this season with something familiar. Sora no Otoshimono Forte is the follow up season to the anime of the same name minus for Forte released a year ago I believe. Genre is mostly ecchi, comedy with some serious business mixed in. All those pretty much define an ecchi show but Sora pulls it off. The first season was a riot so naturally I’d watch it’s sequel. The first episode was fuck win with Sohara fanservice and I just so happen to like Sohara the best from the cast of beauties. I’ll continue watching hoping for more dirty stuff.

So time for this season’s troll anime. Panty and Stocking bulldozed /a/ like crazy. 50% loved it and the other 50% hated it. It’s a blend of grown-up humor with PowerPuff Girl like artwork. Action wise everything is blown up with guns, swords and fighting along with the occasional humor scenes. I personally enjoyed the first episode and I’ll continue to watch it unless something up surd happens to make me stop watching it but that has yet to happen.

My Sister Can’t Be This Cute was one of the more hyped anime this time around. I believe it’s follow the novel release of the same name. Sister has a secret, she’s a big otaku that loves PC games and anime that involve little sisters. Her brother finds one of her DVDs with an X rated disc inside. Suspicious he marks off his family one by one coming up with the conclusion that it’s none of them until he brings it up during dinner where his sister finds out he has her disc. Later on she tries to find out of what her brother said was true. That he didn’t mind what her hobbies were. She shares her secret to him with big enthusiasm. Now she beings to share interest with him as he slightly rejects her likes but forced himself to go with it.

Right now I’m loving the artwork. Feels smooth and silky if it makes any sense. I also love that Tomoya’s VA from Clannad is the main male and Azusa’s VA from K-On is the sister. Sounds like win-win to me.

Bakuman is a slice-n-life esque shonen that revolved around two boys trying to become a manga artist and writer. It’s an adaption from the manga which was created from the makers of Death Note. I bought the first volume at a Barnes-n-Nobles and loved it. The first episode of the anime pretty much covers the first like 3 chapters of the manga. The animation is decent but not too flourished and eccentric like most J.C. Staff shows that involve tsunderes like Zero no Tsukaima, Shakugan no Shana and Hayate no Gotoku. I’ll keep watching the show and keep up with the manga releases here.

MM! is an anime about a masochists who’s out trying to cure his “curse”. He seeks help from a club through the recommendation of his friend who seems to be the only one who excepts him for who he is. As he goes to meet the club president he has second thoughts but before he’s able to leave the prez kicks him down and locks the door. She sees his lewd face of satisfaction and realizes what she’s dealing with. After listening to his story she accepts his request and is determined to cure him of his curse.

Only reason I decided to check this anime out was because Lelouch’s VA was the main character. It’s pretty funny with some minor ecchi…so far. I’ll keep watching for the hell of it.

So now onto the vidya


oh him reach. What’s that? You want me to tell you what’s your ranking in the Halo series? Well buddy you just made it to #1 on my personal list. Seriously, I think it’s the best Halo game out there enough for me to go through Legendary…alone. Even the hell that was Nightfall was thwarted in my pursuit of heroic status. I love the game play blend of new powers, guns and all sorts of other stuff. It’s like a mix between Halo 3 and MW2. Their love child is my new multiplayer vidya and nothing like killing nuubs with da bros Dan, Sam, Zeta and Chad.

Recently I went though and beat Persona 4. Best fucking game on the PS2, hands down. Everything about the game is so impressive.  From the choices of dialogue to the choices of your lover and the personas you carry with you. I just loved the game but one thing I hated was a troll difficulty even on normal during the beginning and a bit in the middle. Went from bad end to true end. Gave it a 5/5 on my backloggery and I can see myself playing a New Game+ to pimp on every female within the town vicinity  but Yukiko will always be mai persona waifu. ❤

That about does it for vidya. I’ve acquired Tales of the Abyss from Dan after loving Vesperia so much. Dunno when I’ll sink my teeth into that one yet since I just came from playing a 60 hour file on P4. I am interested in getting Okami since I’m already in the Ps2 mood. We’ll see.


Another fall season begins and I get the most delicious shows to watch at the beginning of the week. Both House and Dexter are airing new episodes with Dex being on Sunday and House on Monday. So fair both have been pretty great.

Dexter’s dealing with his loss in his own way but yet can’t figure the world around him. Things seem to be falling apart since Dexter hasn’t been one to have emotional baggage. Here’s hoping for a great season just like the last one.

Fuck yeah, House. Last season made it official that Huddy is canon. I’ve always been a fangirl screaming for it to happen. It feels good to see House actually being happy. Sure he’s struggling a bit with his new relationship. Trying to act human unlike the tyrant heartless man he was before. I’m glad to see things finally going his way for a change but they’ll eventually put some big conflict in there to keep it juicy. As long as they don’t break up ever I’ll be good.

Big post is big. Didn’t read it all? I don’t blame ya but at least I’m posting.